Private Eye Button

Private Eye Button is a dance theater performance for the whole family. The story starts from an everyday mistake, that leads to blame and prejudice.

The detective agency receives a secret assignment that Kittie Smalls and Sewer Rat cannot solve.

Maybe the audience has noticed something, they have not. With the audiences help Kittie and Rat will solve this problem, that is squirming under their hat.

The performance teaches, that no one should be blamed. Things should always be thoroughly investigated, before making unnecessary assumptions.

Manuscript: Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Directed by: Kasperi Nordman

Choreography: Nina Mamia

Kittie Smalls & Kaija Rockhead: Nina Mamia

Sewer Rat, Grannie Sirkka, Mr SodaSoda, Kake Rockhead : Kasperi Nordman

“I truly recommend this performance. Mamia Company creates wonderful worlds, where the audience can immerse themselves. They are full of warmth and inside they have a lot of humor, while being thought provoking. Mamia Company works in many levels be it for children or for adults”. 

Producer Tuula Kinos, Culture center Toteemi

Private Eye Button has been performed:


16.,15. & 14.10. Koli peoples house, Koli national park

28.10. Mamia studio, Vantaa

24.10. Jupero Juhlat – festival for children, Mamia studio, Vantaa

26.9. Virenoja Youth Association`s House, Orimattila

7.2. Children`s Carnival, Lahti


8. & 9.10. Mamia studio, Vantaa

26.7. Kotka Children`s Sea Day 

Spring tour:

23.4. Vantaa Dance Week, Länsimäki school

13.4. Theater Vantaa

4.4. Adventure Park Theater, Turku

16.3. Theater Vantaa

3.3. Adventure Park Theater, Turku


1.12. Vantaa Dance Academy

13.10. Culture center Toteemi, Vantaa

19.4. Vantaa Festivals, Culture center Toteemi (premiere)

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