ADHD theater group

In the autumn 2015, Mamia Company started working with ADHD union. As a result, a theater group was born to serve adhd-diagnosed and their families. The director of this Yyberfocus theater group is Kasperi Nordman.

Group’s first performance called 427 Steps, premiered at autumn 2016 at Rehabilitation Foundation in Helsinki.

427 Steps has also been presented at the University of Helsinki in spring 2018.

“The knowledgeable, warm and steady grip of the director and choreographer led the group’s goal, which was approached with long-term co-operation with months of discipline and commitment. The creativity, the memory, the ability to throw away, the talent of the performers and the great collaboration based on trust and confidence were touching and awakening. “

Quote of the ADHD Membership Magazine 4/2016 p.19 article. Text Paula Kinnunen, mother of a young adhd man who works as a leading coach and a psychologist for well-being, rehabilitation and fear of flying.

Participants’ experiences of the Yyberfocus Theater.

Kaisa Lähteenmäki made a master’s thesis about the experiences of Yyberfocus theater participants during the first year of the year (2016). The final work has been done at the Mikkeli Polytechnic degree program for civic activity and youth work.

“I did a qualitative or qualitative study for the YyberFokus Theater Group, which started in January 2016. As a theme interview, involving five interviewees, the age distribution was 19-29 years. The material has been analyzed using content analysis. My goal was to find out what kind of experience the Yyberfocus Theater has been for the participants. “Kaisa Lähteenmäki

“Right away, both of them (mentions the names) you get a really good feeling that they clearly know what they are doing and they have a lot of experience. In a way, both of them take you in, I knew right away that I  was taken seriously. As soon as you are feeling tingly, you are doing something pretty cool, which I haven´t felt before. Skillful, talented, really nice, awesome amount of information and experience. Attitudes with  both are extremely on point, but they do not create an atmosphere that is negative or condocending. It’s  good. The group expects a lot from the tutors and they also give it . They will fulfill the given expectations. “(H2)