The Mirror solo

The Mirror is a story about never being able to accept your true-self. The Narcissist tries to fulfill the sensation of emptiness with desperate attention seeking, ugly tricks and ” a perfect facade”. However, this behavior keeps on growing the empty hole inside.


Performer: Elina Valtonen

Choreography: Nina Mamia

Director& sound engineer: Kasperi Nordman

Light designer: Ville Virtanen


“Mamia Company’s Mirror is a piece that irritates and provokes, but also
makes you laugh. Tragicomic character captures the stage with hilarious
monologue, that reminds us of the reality tv celebrities. Narcissism of
our times is shown as obsessive and pathetic.
Mirror is entertaining dance theatre with well thought text and
finalized choreography. Character work is excellent”. 

Choreographer Marjaterttu Willman, artistic director of Tanssin Voima festival & Willman Dancecompany


The Mirror solo has been performed;

19.11.17 Tanssin Voima festival, Helsinki

20.4.17 Vantaa Festivals

19.4.17 Vantaa Festivals, premiere



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