Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger

Adventure story about summer cat Kittie Smalls. The Smalls family has packed their belongings and it`s time to travel back to the city.  In the fuss and rush they forget Kittie Smalls at the summer cottage. The adventure begins.

Kittie Smalls is a interactive dance theater performance about loneliness. Performance is suitable for kindergartens and adults who are child at heart.


Written by Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Kittie Smalls: Nina Mamia

Rat Plummings: Kasperi Nordman


Kittie Smalls was performed;

In Finnish;

Adventure Park Theatre, Turku 8.10.17, Theatre Tuike, Helsinki 22.5.16, Mayfair, Tikkurila 1.5.16, Moon River Porvoo festival 29.8.15, Vantaa Dance Academy, Vantaa Festivals 2015 (premiere).

In Swedish;

LUCKAN tour 2016: 12.2 klo 9.30 Porvoo, 2.3 klo 11 Närpiö, 3.3 klo 13 Kokkola, 12.3 klo 11 Karjaa, 16.3 klo 10 Kirkkonummi, 21.4 klo 10 Tampere, 25.4 klo 17.30 Turku.


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