Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger

” When having fun, ask everybody to join you for that is strong and bold. Being left alone, makes the world scary and cold”.

Adventure story about summer cat Kittie Smalls. The Smalls family has packed their belongings and it`s time to travel back to the city after summer.  In the fuss and rush Smalls forget Kittie at the summer cottage. The adventure begins.

Kittie Smalls is a interactive dance theater performance about loneliness. Performance is suitable for kindergartens and adults who are child at heart.

Written by Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Choreography: Nina Mamia

Director & sound design: Kasperi Nordman

Kittie Smalls: Nina Mamia

Rat Plummings: Kasperi Nordman

Kittie Smalls has been performed;


31.5. Renkomäki Kindergarten, Lahti

30.5. Villa Piiparin KIndergarten, Lahti

23.5. Lahti English Kindergarten, Lahti

20.5. Lähteen Kindergarten, Lahti

26. & 27.3. Mamia studio, Vantaa

12.3. Cultural Center Näkkäri, Salo 


25.9., 16:00 & 14:00 Mamia studio, Vantaa

15.9. Childrens Cultural Center Aurora, Espoo

22.8. Le Petit Festival Hanko, 12:30 in swedish, 11:00 in finnish

12.6. Joutsentanssi – Kuhmo Dance festival

16.1. Koli


4.10. Mamia studio, Vantaa

1.10. Koivukylä Open Meeting Point, Vantaa

3.3., 4.3. Mamia Studio, Vantaa

In Finnish;

Adventure Park Theatre, Turku 8.10.17, Theatre Tuike, Helsinki 22.5.16, Mayfair, Tikkurila 1.5.16, Moon River Porvoo festival 29.8.15, Vantaa Dance Academy, Vantaa Festivals 2015 (premiere)

In Swedish;

LUCKAN tour 2016: 12.2 klo 9.30 Porvoo, 2.3 klo 11 Närpiö, 3.3 klo 13 Kokkola, 12.3 klo 11 Karjaa, 16.3 klo 10 Kirkkonummi, 21.4 klo 10 Tampere, 25.4 klo 17.30 Turku

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