“Do not run around with trash and soil, for you never know, who`s home it might spoil.

Frogpond is a dance theater performance about the importance of clean water.

Moor Frog Molly returns to her birth place for a big family reunion, only to find out, that her beloved home has been soild and spoild. While waiting for her relatives, the spirit of the pond; Peter Pond, wakes up.

How can small little Molly save her friend and home? Or perhaps she needs some help, maybe from the audience.


Written by Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Director: Kasperi Nordman

Choreography: Nina Mamia

Moor Frog Molly & Malla Savetheworld: Nina Mamia

Peter Pond, Kake Rockhead Jr.& Grock: Kasperi Nordman

Set design: Niina Huovinen

Frog costume: Linda Al Take


“I truly recommend this performance. Mamia Company creates wonderful worlds, where the audience can immerse themselves. They are full of warmth and inside they have a lot of humor, while being thought provoking. Mamia Company works in many levels be it for children or for adults”.

Producer Tuula Kinos, Culture center Toteemi


Next performances 2019:

In swedish;

14.2. Culture center Toteemi

6.4.Culture center Toteemi

In finnish;

Tanssin Voima festival


Frogpond has been performed;

25.8.18 Moon River Porvoo festival, Kulturhuset Grand

11.8.18 Kolin Ryynänen, Koli

12.2.17 Adventure Park Theater, Turku.

19.4.17 Vantaa Festivals

20.4.17 Vantaa Festivals ( in swedish )

4.12.16 Vantaa Dance Academy

17.11.16 Premiere, Culture Center Toteemi, Vantaa

28.8.16 Frogpond workshop, Moon River Porvoo festival



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