CU*T solo

What are little girls made out of?

CU*T  is Nina Mamia`s solo about the abuse of power.

Solo is based on personal experience, that Nina has lived through in two worlds; personal and professional as a girl and as a woman. The solo is personal, but it expands to the universal.

Choreography & dance: Nina Mamia

Sound design: Kasperi Nordman

“The name of the Mamia Company dance piece CU*T stops – and so it should. You really have to stop in front of this. With her solo work, dancer Nina Mamia manages to portray sexual harassment, abuse of power and discrimination in women in working life. Through the work, the viewer inevitably encounters his or her own experiences from different areas of life, externality, isolation, the need to please, shame, even questioning one’s own value. The scale of emotion is wide.

The dancer’s personal experience makes the description particularly sensitive, but I dare say that her experience is common to women. Especially women of the generations who were silenced and women were given ownership and the right to take and control of femininity.

Kasperi Nordman’s sound design perfectly complements the message of the work.

CU*T does not leave you cold, but invites you to a dialogue with your own experiences.
I highly recommend.”

– City of Vantaa`s Cultural director Annukka Larkio-

” Impressive contemporary dance solo”

-Journalist Risto Kolanen-

CU*T solo has been performed ;

23.8. 20 Le Petit Festival – Hanko, Finland

12.9.19 Vantaa Healthy Week, Mamia Studio

7.9.19 Mamia Studio, Vantaa

6.9.19 Premiere, Mamia Studio, Vantaa