On My Knees solo

On My Knees is a site-specific solo about the moment, when life puts you on your knees and you are forced to make a choice.

The solo is accessible and palpable to everyone because it is not tied to language or a specific space.


Choreography & dance: Nina Mamia

Sound design: Kasperi Nordman

Costume design: Wolf Enkelinen

Duration: 10-15 minutes


On my knees solo has been performed;


6.3. International Women´s Day event, The city hall of Vantaa 


26.8. Why so Myrtsi? & Myyrmäki 50 years anniversary, Vantaa

17.8. Private wedding party

15.8. MIX/MATCH show, Korjaamo, The Night of The Arts, Helsinki


4.11., 12:00 & 13:00 Cultura Fest, Vantaa

24.8., 16:45

Kehärata tanssii – community dance festival, Myyrmäki station

11.8., 17:00

Kolin Ryynänen, Koli

19.5., 16:00 

18.5., 18:00 

Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki


31.8, 19:00 

30.8, 19:00 

24.8, 19:00 

Augustfest, Puotila Manor, Helsinki.

Photo by Kasperi Nordman.

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