Marina Seppä

“I´m interested about humanity and a balance of the mind and body. My mission in life is to develop good interpersonal skills, inspire and motivate people around me to ahcieve their goals. I believe that team-work is one of the keys for making dreams come true. As a teamplayer I´m good at listening, being at the presence and I have a passion for organising events.“

I´ve been working contemporary arts field since 2007. I´ve been working as a production assistant at Zodiak – Center for new dance and with the festivals like; Side Step Festival, Moving in November, Bravo!, I´ve grown my knowledge with a practical work with different productions. Since 2016 I´ve been working as a producer with freelancer artists and for fixed period at Arts Management Helsinki. At this moment I´m working as a masseuse and freelance producer.

Marina is a freelance producer and a web site developer. For the past year, she has been the lead web site developer for Mamia Company.

picture: Saara Kähönen