Sanna From

“I am fascinated by performance art`s ability to act as an engine for both, social and individual change. As an idealist, I am passionate about the random encounters versus active participation and communication between these two separate entities in society”.

My dance path started at the age of 6 at the Helsinki Dance School. I met Nina Mamia in Dance instructor training at 1994, when I was 19. After that, we continued together at Dance Theater Raatikko`s vocational trainee program. Two years there proved to be very significant. There I learned about the professional attitude and code of conduct. I also became acquainted with theater expression, without which I would hardly be here.

I graduated as a dance pedagogue from Stockholm’s Danshögskolan in 2000. After graduation, I worked as a dancer and performer in several contemporary dance and performing art`s productions in Finland and Sweden (Margareta Åsberg, Malin Hellqvist-Sellén, Favela Vera Ortiz, Pilvi Porkola & Julius Elo).

I’ve been working a long time on basic art education as a managing principal to teacher in charge (contemporary dance).

Currently I’m focusing on the application of dance, for example, social and health care, and in schools to support learning. I work with children, the elderly and their care staff and seniors. I work with dance performances projects, training and resident-based service work. I try to bring dance art in many different ways and as broadly as possible to the surrounding society.

I am also trained as an Artist-Developer of the Theater Academy specializations; artistic interventions in the labor market.

As a performer, I have worked mostly with choreographer Favela Vera Ortiz. I’ve been featured in numerous of her works around the world; Myoclonic, Melbourne, Australia, Ällöö tää laav & La Chasse, Paris.

In Mamia Company I work as a performer.


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