Nina Mamia

” I’m interested in stage art comprehensively. In my works, I want to address the issues that emerge from our era. For me combining contemporary dance and theater seems to be the natural way to do it. I think that performance art in itself is so multifaceted, that separating it into just mere right and wrong form categories, reduces thinking and creativity. For me, art is not just for target audiences, it should be accessible to everybody, that is why I created a touring company.  In creating performances, I strongly believe in co-operation. and exploration. “

I am a choreographer (MA, Theatre Academy, Finland) and director (BA, Helsinki Polytechnic, Stadia). I have been researching the link between movement and text in my stage works since year 2000. Mamia Company`s performances are the integral part of my lifelong passion.

My lust for dance started, when I was seven-year-old with my first teacher, primaballerina Seija Simonen. Seija´s technique gave me the starting tools for a lifelong career.

Next to her is Ritva Norkia, she introduced me to modern dance and jazz. Ritva gave me the confidence to become an artist.

Before creating Mamia Company, I have worked as a choreographer – director and as a dancer-actress in different touring companies and city theaters.

My work as a choreographer and as a director has been performed in Finland and abroad. The most well-known is Hamlet. After it was premiered in Finland, it was invited Hello Rostock! – festival (Germany 2009), Circulo Des Bellas Artes (Spain 2010) and Royal Dramatic Theater, Dramaten (Sweden 2011).

I have taught dance and theater for 18 years for professionals and enthusiastics.

My other interests led me to interior designing. I wanted to see, if interior design gives me more understanding about the structure of space. I graduated as an interior designer in 2014.

In Mamia Company I work as an artistic director, choreographer, director, dancer, actress and set designer.

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