Kasperi Nordman

” Stage art is my life.”

The reason why I am in performing arts is because of my first teacher, a world renowned  ballet master, mime artist,choreographer and director called Adam Darius. It is him, who steered me to the field of movement and acting and to whom I am forever grateful. Adam saw the potential in me and gave the courage to apply to England. I  graduated as an actor from Drama Studio London ( DSL ). The teaching style in my school gave me a solid tool box from Laban to Shakespeare. DSL deepened my understanding of multicultural and multidimensional  theater. The international competition arena gave me a realistic impression of theater and it`s international requirements. “Quality of work becomes your signature.”

Before my career in theater, I was a national level athlete in American football. For me team play is the lifeblood of any team’s success. Co-operation and communication in performing arts as in sports for me are the same.

My educational background before the theater training is in the field of business and trade. My father was a private entrepreneur so work has been a natural way for me to exist since I was 10 years old. I worked for several years in business and later as an executive CEO in my family´s business.

The last 20  years I have worked as an actor, ranging from The National Theater of Finland  (4 yrs), City Theater of Oulu (4 yrs ) as well in various TV and film productions and independent professional theater and touring companies, locally and internationally.

At the moment, in addition to acting, I write for performance art and direct for theater and dance . I love photography and I often take photos for Mamia Company and by request to a other theater and dance ensembles.

Mamia Company is my main focus, where I work as an Executive Director and as a technical producer, scriptwriter, director and actor.

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