Previous events


Frogpond Joutsentanssi -Kuhmo Dance Festival, Kuhmo 5.6.

VanDance – international dance day event Myyrmäki, Vantaa 27.4.

Private Eye Button Vantaa Dance Week, Länsimäki school 23.4.

Private Eye Button Theatre Vantaa 13.4.

Private Eye Button Adventure Park Theater, Turku 4.4.

Frogpond Juomatehtaan studio, Jyväskylä 30.3.

Private Eye Button Theatre Vantaa 16.3.

Frogpond Culture center Toteemi, Vantaa 12.3.

Private Eye Button Adventure Park Theater, Turku 3.3.

Frogpond Lahti Children`s Winter Carnival, Pikkuteatteri 1.2. 

Cinnamon flowers and Silkwindows Culture center Toteemi 30th anniversary 25.1.


Private Eye Button Vantaa Dance Institute 1.12.

On my knees (TIE ) solo CulturaFest, Vantaa 4.11.

Hors Lits Helsinki #2 – Urban art at Myyrmäki LFOT 26.-27.10.

Couple of Relations Culture center Toteemi 13.10.

Private Eye Button Culture center Toteemi 13.10.

Tanzmesse 29.8. – 1.9.

Frogpond Moon River Porvoo festival 25.8.

ON MY KNEES Kehärata tanssii – community dance festival 24.8.

ON MY KNEES solo & HAIL MARY! monologue Kolin Ryynänen, Finland 11.8.

Frogpond Kolin Ryynänen 11.8.

Artist Residence Kolin Ryynänen 1. – 12.8.

ON MY KNEES solo & HAIL MARY! monologue, Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki 18. & 19.5.

Private Eye Button Vantaa Festivals, Culture center Toteemi 19.4. premiere

427 Step – contemporary play about ADHD Helsinki University 7.3.

Couple of relations 14. & 15.2.18 Kanneltalo, 24. & 25.1 Arkadia International Bookshoppremiere


Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger  Adventure Park Theatre, Turku 8.10

Autumnfest – a celebration of unfulfilled dreams, ON MY KNEES solo & HAIL MARY! monologue Finland100 cooperation with the Reunaryhmä, Versus Circus and the Cultural Collective, Puotila Manor, Helsinki 24.-31.8, premiere

Cultural round; Couple of relations work in progress. Myyrmäki, Tikkurila and Helsinki Central Station 26.8

Evening of two solos; The Mirror & Jean Dark, Vantaa Festivals 19.-20.4, premiere

Frogpond / Groddammen Vantaa Festivals 20.4premiere in swedish

Frogpond The Adventure Park Theatre, Turku 12.2

Work in progress solos: The Mirror & Jean Dark, Asematila, Helsinki 27.-28.1


Frogpond Vantaa Dance Academy 4.12

Frogpond Culture center Toteemi, Myyrmäki, Vantaa 19.11 at 9am & 10am, premiere

Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger/Kisse Lillas bland skuggorna 19.10 at 9 & 10.15 Culture center Toteemi, Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

427 STEPS –  contemporary play about ADHD, Rehabilitation Foundation, Helsinki 12.-15.10, premiere

Frogpond workshop & 427 STEPS –  contemporary play about ADHD, work in progress, Moon River Porvoo festival 27.8

Workshop with Elisabeth Schilling (The Mirror) and Gesa Piper (Jean Dark) 18. -24.7, Vantaa

Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger , Theater Tuike, Helsinki 23.-24.5

THE DARK TRIAD – three stars of the new generation,

Cable Factory, Helsinki 6. -11.4.4, premiere

LUCKAN tour, Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger /Kisse Lillas bland skuggorna:

12.2 klo 9.30 Porvoo, 2.3 klo 11 Närpiö, 3.3 klo 13 Kokkola, 12.3 klo 11 Karjaa, 16.3 klo 10 Kirkkonummi, 21.4 klo 10 Tampere,25.4 klo 17.30 Turku, Finland


Audition for THE DARK TRIAD -three stars of new generation 19.12, Vantaa

Improvisation theater workshop for ADHD union 17.12.

Mamia Company’s 1st anniversary. SMILE, DORIAN, MARTHA G, KITTIE SMALLS IN THE SHADOWS OF DANGER & THE DARK TRIAD – THE THREE STARS OF NEW GENERATION work in progress. The evening also featured an ARTIST dance film. LeSpace, Helsinki 17.10

Kittie Smalls in the shadows of danger

Moon River Porvoo festival 29.8,

Vantaa Dance Academy  23.- 24.5

Vantaa Festivals 20.-24.4 premiere

DORIAN solo & SMILE monologue Valtimon Theatre Helsinki 29.- 31.1

Writing Workshop Tahko, Finland 2.2 – 6.2 & 9.2- 13.2.15


An adventure day with KontikiFinland for Borealis AG Finlandia Hall & The National Museum of Finland 24.9

DORIAN solo (premiere)& SMILE monologue Lumo, Vantaa  19.- 20.9