Smile monolog

Inspired by Smile at The End of The Ladder by Henry Miller, Smile, is a monologue of independent ‘I’s exposed through the mind of common man and artist. In a projection of dualistic parallels spoken out loud, we assume one to be dominant over the other while the other the original. Are they born of each other or have they been born independently? The non-dual becomes a resolution to ontology that relates to humor, namely, a smile. When faced with conflict we look for means to gaining resolution. And at times we find a spot,even if infinitely small, a speck of hope. This is when we smile.


Written by Kasperi Nordman

Director: Nina Mamia

Sound design: Pekka Kuisamanen da Silva

Light design: Ville Virtanen


Smile monologue has been performed at Valtimo theatre, Helsinki  28. & 29.1.2015, Lumosali, Vantaa 2014 and  Vantaa Festivals 2011.