Dorian solo

Dorian is choreographer Nina Mamia`s solo about narcissism. It is sequence of movement in dance and vivid corporal expression.  We become the eye-wittnesses into the birth, life and death of a true narcissist. The sequences flow seamless like the predictable thought patterns of someone with unpredictable feelings. Each sequence has a motive but as our motives reveal themselves, we conceil them with endless stories only to distract everyone away from our narcissist self. Unpredictability, knowingly, is brought to conflict with improvisation, obsessive fantasy, domimation, love and violation.


Written by Kasperi Nordman

Choreography: Nina Mamia

Performer/dancer: Elisabeth Schilling

Sound design: Pekka Kuismanen da Silva & Kasperi Nordman

Light design: Ville Virtanen

Costumes: Wolf Enkelinen


Dorian solo has been performed at Valtimo theatre 28. & 29.1.15 and Lumosali, Vantaa 2014.