The Dark Triad – three stars of new generation

Dystopia of the human mind? Aristotelic cardinal virtues; prudence, justice, temperance and courage have been forgotten in this parallel reality. Society recognizes a new belief system called The Dark Triad.  It consists of three principles; Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy.


Choreography, director: Nina Mamia

Sound designers: Tommy Lauhiala, Toni Sorsa &Pekka Kuismanen da Silva

Lighting design: Ville Virtanen

Videos: Ville Virtanen & Jenni Kokkomäki

Graphic designer: Jarmo Wideman

Performers: Sami Henrik  Haapala, Kaisa Launis, Kasperi Nordman,Laura Humppila, Vilma Malinen, Riina Salmi, Iida Tuliainen, Aamos & Unna Vikberg


”I truly enjoyed the fabulous Dark Triad performance by the Mamia Company. The choreography presented an accurate, funny, and sarcastic view of the adverse personality traits of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. The characters were realistic, and it was obvious that the performance was based on solid research into the psychology of these personalities. The performance is suitable for anybody who is interested in the darker side of human nature”.

 Dr Minna Lyons, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Liverpool


The Dark Triad – three stars of new generation was performed at Cable factory in Helsinki 6. – 12.4.2016.

Photo Jenni Kokkomäki.