Couple of relations

Couple of relations is a fragmentary contemporary dancetheatre performance about the diversity of love. Throughout the performance acts the human relations will be seen in the form of tragedy and comedy, relatively consious and unconsious.

The Toreadores of Love will step in to the arena defying cynicism for the sake of acceptance!


Choreography: Nina Mamia

Sound design: Kasperi Nordman

Sound engineer: Ilya Zaytsev

Director: Kasperi Nordman

Costyme design: Niina Huovinen

Performers: Elina Valtonen, Nina Mamia & Kasperi Nordman


First performances;

January 2018;

We 24th 18:00 Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki

Th 25th 18:00 Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki

February 2018;

We 14th 19:00 Kanneltalo, Helsinki

Th 15th 19:00 Kanneltalo, Helsinki