About us

Mamia Company is a contemporary dance theatre and touring company based in Vantaa, Finland.  Company was founded in autumn 2014 by the choreographer & director Nina Mamia and director & actor Kasperi Nordman.

The members of the company have a long experience of the art world as professionals both locally and internationally.

Company`s performances reflect on contemporary topics, human condition and society.

Our creation process is preceded by a long period of research on the topic being dealt with. At the core of our work we often use scientific studies and articles on the subject in question. Objective research data gives us the facts on the performances subject. We like to broaden our horizons, avoid generalizations and personal assumptions. This approach allows us to create Mamia Company´s art in multidimensional ways.

We create our performances into different spaces from non-traditional to traditional venues. All our performances are available in english, swedish and finnish.

Mamia Company organizes its own VanDance festival every year. VanDance celebrates the diversity of dance and takes place in different urban city spaces in Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

Contemporary dance, contemporary theatre – Mamia Company

Member of the International Dance Council CID

Mamia Company is supported by City of Vantaa

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